The driver of a Ford pickup truck apparently could not wait to get to his destination, so he attempted to pass the car in front of him on Route 122 near Harmony School Road in Franklin County, Virginia (VA). Unfortunately, the reckless truck driver failed to see the oncoming traffic in the other lane and wound up slamming, head-on into a car.

The driver of the car suffered serious injuries and remains in critical condition at Roanoke Memorial Hospital, according to  Police charged the at-fault truck driver with driving under the influence.

Driving drunk, or under the influence of an illegal substance, is clearly irresponsible and dangerous. But the truck driver also tried to do something many clear-thinking drivers attempt on a regular basis – pass the car in front of them.

I appreciate the desire to get where you’re going in a timely manner. We all lead busy lives, but passing a car on a two-lane road, which Route 122 is, should not be attempted except with extreme caution and where the law allows. Remember, it is against the law to pass a driver when there are two clearly marked lines on the road. These laws were designed to deter accidents like the one that occurred in Franklin County.