Wood County WV Doctor Sued For Infant Wrongful Death | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

According to the West Virginia Record, a mother is suing both a doctor and a medical staffing company for the wrongful death of her infant girl in January of 2007.

The mother, Sara Norman, of Parkersburg, lost her baby, Lainey McKenzee Alexis Norman, to a bowel obstruction after the emergency room doctor, Dr. Andrew Hughes, allegedly missed the baby’s vital diagnosis and did not offer the correct treatment or care. Norman filed a wrongful death claim against the doctor and the doctor’s employer, Best Practices, Inc., in Wood County Circuit Court in West Virginia.

When Norman brought her daughter to Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital, the baby was vomiting bile, not eating, and acting lethargic. Dr. Hughes conducted an x-ray and stomach ultrasound, but found no problems and released the baby without treatment.

As her baby’s condition worsened, Norman returned to the hospital, where another doctor examined the child and quickly diagnosed sepsis due to a bowel obstruction. At this point, the baby was rushed by ambulance to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, WV, where she underwent a number of surgeries. At that point, however, her bowel was not able to be save and her other internal organs began to shut down. She died less than a week after Dr. Hughes examined her.

Norman’s medical malpractice and wrongful death attorney is arguing that Dr. Hughes was negligent in correctly treating Norman’s baby, based on the fact that he did not diagnose the child correctly despite several common warning signs and the fact that he did not seek the opinion of another doctor in the emergency room.

Norman is seeking unspecified damages in her wrongful death lawsuit.

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