According to Virginia State Police, two people are dead after a Norfolk, Virginia (VA) crashed into oncoming traffic as he drove his speeding BMW the wrong-way down I-264 around 1:30 pm, December 29, 2009. The car drove completely through the HOV barricades and directly into the paths of unsuspecting motorists.

The wrong-way driver clipped a van with his BMW, then struck the next vehicle directly head-on, killing the woman inside after leaving her no time to react. The two cars immediately burst into flames as both drivers died on impact leaving nothing but burning, twisted metal where a routine afternoon commute had once been. As a result of the crash, several inner lanes of I-264 East and West as well as the reversible HOV lanes on I-64 were closed for more than three hours Wednesday afternoon as authorities cleared the crash and began investigating.

State authorities have identified the wrong-way driver of the BMW was from Norfolk, VA, and the driver of the Taurus he struck was from Chesapeake, Virginia. The driver of the van was reported as uninjured from this fatal wrong-way collision on I-264.

As described by officials, the wrong-way driver took the incorrect ramp from the I-64 HOV lanes sending his speeding BMW into oncoming traffic instead of I-264’s eastbound lanes. State police don’t know why the driver went through the barricades. It was reported that VDOT has those gates down with continuously flashing lights. Why he drove through those is not clear.

What is crystal clear is that two people are now dead from a driver that for reasons unknown chose to ignore barricades, flashing lights and numerous other warnings and drove the wrong way onto I-264 killing an unsuspecting driver forever changing the course of events in the lives they knew. Our prayers and thoughts go out to the family and although we did not know the victim we understand your grief and wish you comfort in your time of mourning.