Wrong Way Driver Causes Fatality in a Car Accident on a Highway in Hickory, North Carolina | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A car accident on Highway 321 in Hickory, North Carolina (NC) led to one fatality, two serious injuries, and a highway closure.

Witnesses say an elderly couple driving a white sedan were traveling north on the southbound lanes of Highway 321. The driver of the white sedan was traveling in two lanes and hit a truck head on.

The driver of the truck who was struck, Howard Helton’s wife was also on Highway 321 and witnessed the accident. She was able to contact emergency crews to respond. Howard Helton and the driver of the white sedan were taken to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) where they are both being treated for injuries caused in the car accident. Sadly, the passenger of the white sedan, an elderly woman, died on impact.

The North Carolina Highway patrols shut off parts of Highway 321 and have conducted an investigation of the crash scene. They were able to verify witness statements that the driver of the white sedan was driving the wrong way at the time of the car accident, but they are not sure at what point the driver entered Highway 321 or why he was traveling in the wrong direction.

Driver’s going the wrong way are more common then you might think, especially on highways. Drivers can confuse the off ramp for the on ramp when entering the highway and travel for along periods of time before they are able to correct themselves. If you see headlights coming in the wrong direction it is best to pull over to the side of the road. Trying to swerve around the oncoming car may panic you or the other driver and cause an accident.