Wrong Way Driving on Interstate: Merchants of Death and Injury on the Highways | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

One of my lawyer safety advocate colleagues and Injuryboard editor friend, Steve Lombardi, has written some interesting articles about wrong way driver safety steps that have been taken.  Who would have thought that the German government has a safety plan that Steve Lombardi outlined in a major article on wrong way drivers that I excerpt below:

Wrong-way drivers on the autobahn (“ghost drivers”) trigger a radio announcement that interrupts whatever you’re listening to, warning you of the situation and that car’s approximate location. That way, you can pull off onto the shoulder and keep a close eye out for someone coming from the opposite direction at well over 100 mph on your side of the road.”

Geister Fahrer – Translates from German into “Ghost Driver;” a driver who drives on the wrong direction on an autobahn, often with headlights turned off at night. Usually a drunk driver but can also be a thrill seeker, suicide attempt, or horrendous driver error.

Lombardi also reviewed articles by the Washington State Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), which showed that “ the vast majority of wrong-way drivers correct their mistakes before causing a crash by simply turning around and heading in the right direction. But for unknown reasons some drivers, even when sober, head straight into oncoming traffic with devastating consequences.”

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