In light of a host of recent claims of dangerous automobile defects in the corporation’s vehicles, a defective acceleration system in Toyota’s vehicles has led to a wrongful death claim against the automobile manufacturer.

The wrongful death claim was filed in response to a tragic, fatal accident that occurred when a woman’s Toyota Camry unexpectedly and uncontrollably accelerated to one hundred MPH, causing the driver to strike a telephone pole; the victim was subsequently killed in the accident.

Toyota is denying that the victim’s car was defective, yet in recent years the auto giant has had to pay damages related to almost eight million vehicles with reported acceleration problems. Toyota recently agreed to pay more than one billion dollars in settlements for drivers who claimed that their cars had dropped in value due to the acceleration issues. Unfortunately, the Camry involved in the accident which led to the tragic death of the driver was not subject to a recall. The family claims that Toyota neglected to include a critical braking override system within the Camry to protect against the possibility of unwanted acceleration.

In recent months and years, auto makers from Ford to Toyota to Chrysler have had to recall millions and millions of vehicles due to faulty and dangerous designs and safety features. No driver should ever have to suffer due to a vehicle corporation’s negligence. If you’ve been injured by a poorly- or improperly-designed vehicle, you should consider meeting with or speaking to a personal injury attorney. The injury lawyers at our Virginia-based law firm have years of experience in fighting for those who have been harmed by such irresponsible products and companies. If you’ve suffered an injury from a car accident, it is important to know where to turn.

If, like the family members above, you have lost a loved one in a tragic accident, our deepest condolences are with you; we have seen countless times how terrible and devastating is the loss of a family member. While no amount of compensation can replace a loved one’s absence, you might consider speaking with an injury attorney about filing a wrongful death claim; while it will not stop the pain, it can help with the monetary costs of such an awful tragedy.