WV Medical Malpractice Doctor John King Has Bankruptcy Denied | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The West Virginia Gazette out of Charleston reports that WV medical malpractice doctor John King is in the news again this month – this time for getting his federal bankruptcy request denied in court.

King, who is infamous for a staggering 124 medical malpractice claims in just seven months of working at Putnam General Hospital, is now prevented from using a bankruptcy filing to protect him from the dozens of lawsuits and medical malpractice claims brought to him by former patients.

Federal bankruptcy Judge Thomas Bennett announced that King had been hiding an estimated $670,000 from the court in a secret account. When he filed for bankruptcy, the negligent doctor claimed his Volo has his single asset – valued at $500.

It was also revealed that King may owe roughly $1 million in taxes to the IRS.

Putnam General Hospital has already paid out $100 million to the 124 patients of King, who have accused King of a number of medical malpractice incidents, including the overprescription of drugs and cause of unneeded pain.

Still more medical malpractice lawsuits are pending. John King has already had his medical license revoked in a number of other states before he practiced in West Virginia. In another state, he was also accused of causing multiple patients to overdose on painkillers that he prescribed to them.

King lacks board certification in any specialty by either the American Osteopathic Association or the American Medical Association. He also showed that he was incompetent in three separate residency programs and in several staff reviews.

He still holds medical licenses in New York, Tennessee, and Florida – his medical license has been revoked in Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Texas. King also has a history of suing both the hospitals that suspend his practicing privileges as well as the lawyers that have represented him in a number of medical malpractice cases.