VA Wrongful Death Attorneys: Drunk Drivers Cause Heartache and Death | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Drunk or drugged drivers (DUI) often harm innocent people as well as themselves.  An example of this occurred when a gym teacher from Azalea Gardens Middle School, pleaded guilty to aggravated involuntary manslaughter and other charges stemming from a car accident some time ago. 


This school teacher was drunk and high when he left a nightclub.  Because Sharpe chose to get behind the wheel, Alexandria Calamia was killed, and a passenger, Brandon Wise, was severely injured.  Wise suffered fractures to the orbital bone of his face and collarbone.  He also suffered a brain hemorrhage, which has caused memory loss and other cognitive problems.  Heather Lee, another passenger in Calamia’s vehicle, suffered minor injuries.


As a personal injury attorney, I talk to many people who have been injured, or their family member(s) have been injured, by drunk drivers.  Even though Sharpe’s blood alcohol concentration was within the legal limit for driving, it was enough to impair his ability to drive resulting in the death of a young woman and changing the life of a young man.