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Medical errors (often involving medical malpractice) occur more frequently than we would like to admit, and many of them are entirely preventable. These hospital and surgical errors encompass a wide range of mistakes that occur during medical treatment, from misdiagnoses and medication errors to botched surgeries. While most healthcare providers strive to prioritize patient safety, the complexity of the healthcare system can lead to preventable medical malpractice and surgical errors.

This is the second in a series of posts highlighting the ramifications of medical malpractice mistakes and negligence. The first post examined a tragic medical negligence case involving a 4-year-old girl who died of cardiac arrest at a Virginia hospital. The spotlight needs to be placed on these types of medical malpractice incidents since there was such a vilification of medical malpractice lawyers who routinely represent these victims and/or their loved ones in court. All of the talk about so-called “tort reform” revolved around limiting the amount of money a medical malpractice victim could obtain from a lawsuit, but very little attention was paid to what these needlessly injured victims endured as a result of doctor mistakes.

This post will focus on 19-year-old Blake Fought of Blacksburg, Virginia (VA). Blake was hospitalized with an illness and given liquids and nutrition through an IV line placed through his neck. He attended Radford University near Roanoke, VA, and was sports editor of the college newspaper. When he had recovered from his illness and was ready to be discharged, the hospital sent a nurse to remove the IV line. Unfortunately, this nurse had zero experience or training in removing this type of IV line and failed to follow proper medical standards and procedures.

During the IV-line removal, Blake began to grasp for air, but the nurse failed to respond to his obvious signs of distress. Instead, she told him he was just anxious and needed to calm down. The failed procedure led to a bubble of air entering Blake’s blood vessels and traveling to his heart. As a result, Blake asphyxiated and died, in front of his parents who had come to his hospital room to take their son home.

The evidence is clear that a serious medical mistake occurred, and the hospital was accountable for any violations of the pertinent medical standard practices. An innocent young man was killed because of a preventable medical malpractice mistake. All that was necessary was for the nurse to say, “Hey, I don’t feel comfortable with this procedure. Let me get someone with more experience to remove the IV line.” That didn’t happen. But even after the medical mistake occurred, there was time to right the wrong. Tragically, that didn’t happen either. The nurses ignored the signs, and no doctor arrived in time to correct the tragic error and save Blake’s life.

Consequences of Preventable Medical Errors

Preventable medical errors can have devastating consequences for patients and their families, and these mistakes (within Virginia) often lead to Virginia medical malpractice actions. Preventable medical malpractice can result in extended hospital stays, additional medical expenses, and loss of life. The emotional toll on those affected is immeasurable. It is essential to recognize that patients have the right to seek justice and compensation by pursuing medical malpractice actions when they believe they have been harmed due to preventable medical errors.

When patients suffer harm or injury due to preventable medical errors, they may choose to pursue legal action through VA medical malpractice lawsuits. These lawsuits are a means for patients to hold healthcare providers accountable for their negligence. They aim to secure compensation for medical costs, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other damages incurred as a result of preventable errors.

Medical malpractice lawsuits can be complex and emotionally challenging. Patients must prove that a healthcare provider’s negligence led to their injury. This often involves gathering evidence, consulting expert witnesses, and navigating legal procedures. It is crucial to have an experienced Virginia medical malpractice attorney to guide you through the process and ensure your rights are protected, and if there are any types of civil personal injury suits in which victims should not attempt to represent themselves, it includes Virginia medical malpractice suits, because the legislature has enacted a wide range of special statutes that govern these actions, and many create litigation procedure traps.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Caps Controversy

When you understand what happened in the Blake Fought situation, how could anyone reasonably argue Blake’s family doesn’t deserve fair compensation for their losses, including the pain and suffering of parents having to deal with the death of a young son? How could anyone reasonably say there should be a cap on the compensation to a family for the loss of a child? This is why medical malpractice trial lawyers are needed in our legal system. They represent families who have been stricken with grief due to the loss of a loved one but fully understand a wrong was committed and want to take legal action. Trial lawyers have never been “the problem,” since they advocate for the injured victims and the families that suffer losses. The real problem is nearly 100,000 people die needlessly every year due to preventable medical errors. These numbers can, and should, go down. That’s the real reform needed for medical malpractice.

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Patients put their faith and trust in the medical professionals who treat them, that they will heal them, not cause harm. Medical errors are preventable, and the damage they cause can change a person’s life forever. If you have been injured because of a medical professional’s negligence or you have lost a loved one due to medical staff mistakes, contact a Virginia medical malpractice attorney to discuss what legal options may be available to you.

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