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Our Virginia Beach & Norfolk personal injury lawyers have handled Fentanyl pain patch overdose cases. Fentanyl is one of the most powerful opioidanalgesics with a potency approximately 81 times that of morphine.

A number of fatal Fentanyl (also known as Duragesic) overdoses have been directly tied to the drug over the past several years. In particular, several drug manufacturers of time-release fentanyl patches have already been sued over allegations of defective product claims as well as other claims. One of several claims is that a malfunction of the patch caused an overdose of fentanyl to leak and to be absorbed by patients, resulting in life-threatening side effects and even death.

Manufacturers of fentanyl transdermal pain patches have voluntarily recalled numerous lots of their patches and the FDA has issued Public Health Advisories related to the fentanyl patch dangers. Manufacturers affected include Janssen Pharmaceutica Products, L.P.; Alza Corporation; Actavis South Atlantic, LLC; Sandoz; Cephalon, Inc. and Mylan.

On June 19, 2007, a $5.5 million jury verdict was awarded in a case against Johnson & Johnson subsidiaries, Alza Corporation and Janssen Pharmaceutica Products, the manufacturers of the Duragesic fentanyl transdermal pain patch. The case was tried in the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Florida, West Palm Beach Division. The  jury reached a verdict for the family of a 28-year-old Florida man (Adam Hendelson) who died while wearing a fentanyl transdermal pain patch, and one allegation was that a defective “fold over” in the patch allowed a lethal amount of the drug to be absorbed.

Fentanyl is one of the most potent narcotics available. It is a Schedule II controlled substance.  Janssen Pharmaceutical Products, LP, has recalled several lots of pain control patches because of the Duragesic leak and the number of deaths and injuries that resulted. News reports claim that more than 30 Duragesic wrongful death claims and fentanyl patch lawsuits have been filed nationwide already.

Fentanyl is a dangerous drug and medical providers and care-takers are prescribing this drug in situations that it is not required, due to inadequate instructions from the manufacturer we contend. Further, we believe that the dangers of fentanyl extend beyond the recalled defective Duragesic pain patches, and providers do not appreciate the high dangers associated with the fentanyl patch.

Leaking Duragesic pain control patches can release enough fentanyl to cause an overdose. Symptoms and signs of a fentanyl overdose can include slowed breathing and heartbeat, pinpoint pupils, cold clammy skin, loss of or change in consciousness, and seizures.  

If you lost a loved one due to an overdose from a Fentanyl or Duragesic pain patch, consider contacting our team of Virginia Beach & Norfolk wrongful death lawyers. We are here to help take some of the burden off your shoudlers.

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