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21 People in Charleston, WV Injured in Bus-Car Crash

A bus carrying 18 nursing home patients was hit by a car in Charleston, West Virginia (WV) on County Route 5 between Ravencliff and McGraws. Reports indicate the car crossed the center line causing the bus to go into an embankment and turn over. One of the victims suffered a fractured clavicle, according to   

In addition to the 18 bus passengers suffering injuries, the bus driver and the two people in the car were hurt.

One of the nursing home patients apparently saw the car starting to veer into their lane and felt the car slam into the bus. My sympathies go out to the injured victims on the bus. We're talking about senior citizens who are trying to enjoy the golden years of their lives and many will now spend weeks or months recuperating from this bus-car accident.

We don't know what exactly caused the car to drift over into the other lane. The driver may have been distracted in some way or may have just had a momentary lapse in judgment. In any case, it looks like this accident could have been avoided.


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