Bike Accidents on the Rise in North Carolina | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

On average, over 800 bike riders are seriously injured and 23 are killed in bicycle-car accidents in North Carolina (NC). Even more shocking is the fact that bike accidents are on the rise with 1,046 bike-car crashes reported in 2007, according to

The city with the highest number of bike-car wrecks is Charlotte, NC (515) followed a distant second by Raleigh (342).  The county with the highest number of accidents in Mecklenburg (571) followed closely by Wake (515).

State officials in NC need to look at these disturbing statistics and take action. There has always been tension between bike riders and car drivers on our roads. When a driver sees a bicyclist on the road, they view them as a hassle and try to pass disregarding the safety of the bike rider and any oncoming traffic. Some states have added more bike trails and specifically designated a portion of streets for bicyclists to use for travel.

Given the increasing number of bike-car accidents in NC, officials should consider implementing similar reforms. Doing nothing is unacceptable, especially when over 1,000 people are getting seriously injured in these types of accidents.