The Story: A recent news report on detailed an incident on the W&OD Trail in Vienna, Virginia wherein a drunk motorist drove down the pedestrian and biker path; a woman and her daughter were walking on the recreational trail and were nearly hit by the intoxicated driver. Thankfully, they avoided injury; however, the at-fault driver allegedly ran into and seriously injured a cyclist on another part of the path. The driver was charged with driving while intoxicated (D.W.I.), failure to stop and felony hit and run. The report notes that numerous drivers have been seen on the path in recent years, a serious hazard for the walkers and cyclists for whom the path is reserved. 


Injuries suffered by pedestrians due to negligent drivers can be especially devastating, as the pedestrians are not offered the protection of seat belts, airbags and other safety features of cars. In Virginia, special protections are afforded to pedestrians injured at crosswalks; because bikers and walkers are supposed to be able to utilize crosswalks to safely cross roadways, the laws surrounding them offer them added safety. It is important to be aware of the specific laws protecting pedestrians from car accidents and injuries; you can click here to read about them. For instance, drivers are required to slow down, stop or change course in order to accommodate those who are crossing the street at the time; however, pedestrians are forbidden from stepping into intersections and onto roadways while disregarding oncoming traffic. 


If you’ve suffered injuries from a motor vehicle while walking on a street or sidewalk, you should consider speaking to a personal injury attorney, as you may have grounds to file a claim against the at-fault driver or his or her insurance company. Our injury lawyers have extensive experience with these types of cases; we know how terrible the injuries sustained in such accidents can be, and how the high medical bills, loss of work and other factors can seriously alter a victim’s life.


As reported above, the driver on the Virginia trail was operating his vehicle under the influence of alcohol. At our law firm, we do not represent drunk drivers—we sue them. You can click here to read a report on a case wherein we successfully argued for a drunk driving victim’s $112,000 settlement.