Car Accident in Liberty, North Carolina Kills Three People | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The North Carolina Highway Patrol says speed is to blame for the car accident that killed three people on Highway 421 in Liberty, North Carolina (NC).

Brandon Chavis was traveling on Highway 421 near Browns Meadow Road in Liberty, North Carolina (NC) when he lost control of his BMW. Brandon Chavis swerved off the road and in to a large patch of trees. Tragically, Chavis and his two passengers, Forest Andrews and Jason Morris, died at the scene of the car accident. The North Carolina Highway Patrol says Chavis was traveling close to 100 mph in a 55 mph zone at the time of the accident.

 Speed is often a factor in car accidents, and excess speed is a leading factor in car accident deaths. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of local police officers to catch speeders, drivers are still inclined to speed. This is especially true if the driver is familiar with the roadway, such as their commute to or from work.

When you are speeding you do not have enough time to respond to road conditions, such as potholes. This can often cause drivers to go jerk their cars suddenly, going off the road and causing a car accident. Speed also makes it hard for drivers to stop for other vehicles or change lanes. Drivers can come up on other vehicles too quickly and cause a car accident.

To be safe, all drivers should always closely follow posted speed limits. These speed limits have been tested and proven to be a safe speed for the road. Following the speed limit will reduce driver’s chances of being involved in a car accident.