Pilots for Air France Flight 447 made several mistakes that prevented them from pulling the plane out of its fatal dive into the Atlantic Ocean, officials from France’s air investigative authority, the Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses, concluded in a report published in late July 2011. According to a summary published in the Los Angeles Times, crew members in the cockpit during the June 1, 2009, flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris could have saved the plane from crashing speed sensors froze and the aircraft lost power. Because the pilots ignored several stall warnings and did not have enough training to deal with the emergency, the commercial jet hit the water, killing all 228 people aboard.

Plane accidents are much less frequent than car wrecks. But when aircraft go down, people on the planes are likely to suffer injuries or get killed. In Virginia airplane crashes must be investigated by local law enforcement agencies and the Federal Aviation Administration. The investigation will done according to FAA guidelines. Sometimes, insurance companies may be reluctant to make payment for medical treatment costs or wrongful death claims until it has been established who or what was really responsible for the wreck. This can be frustrating to everyone involved.

Educate yourself as to what your options are available when a plane crash occurs by reading an article in our library on aviation crashes that was written by a Virginia personal injury attorney.