A car accident in New York City shows that some drivers have no regard for human life. The driver of an SUV wanted a parking space so bad that he killed an elderly woman and injured her daughter to get to it.

The 78 year-old woman and her daughter were walking when the driver of the SUV spotted a parking space and slammed his SUV into reverse. He sped along backwards while several onlookers yelled at him to look out, but it was too late. He mowed down the elderly woman who died on the street while her injured daughter tried to console her. Onlookers said that the woman was bleeding heavily from her head and she likely suffered from a brain injury. Our thoughts go out to the daughter as this was a terrible preventable accident that stole her mother away and we hope she finds justice and recovery.

As a Virginia personal injury attorney, I wasn’t surprised to find out that the man who was driving the SUV has been charged with driving on a suspended license. There is a reason that these drivers have their license taken away, it’s because they shouldn’t be driving. Just last week a Virginia (VA) woman caused a wreck that killed a young boy and injured six others. Guess what? Her license wasn’t just suspended; it had been revoked in two states. These types of dangerous drivers are most likely also uninsured.



So how can you recover after you or a loved one has been injured by one of these dangerous uninsured unlicensed drivers?  The first step is to hire an experienced lawyer. Many people don’t know that your insurance policy covers you if you are hurt in Virginia by an uninsured driver. In order to receive compensation for your personal injury from uninsured motorist insurance, you essentially file a claim against your own insurance company. However, the insurance company cannot raise your premiums for making such a claim. Accidents that are not partly or wholly your fault cannot serve as a basis for increased premiums under VA insurance statutes.