When an elderly person is involved in a car accident, people might speculate that they are at fault before hearing the facts.  However most times older drivers are more experienced and safer drivers. This was the case on Sunday afternoon when a woman driving a Ford Explorer was cut off by a van in northern Frederick County, Virginia (VA) state police said.

Emergency crews were called to the intersection of North Frederick Pike (U.S. 522) and Bloomery Pike (Va. 127) to respond to the car accident. A van turned onto Bloomery Pike and failed to yield to the SUV, which was traveling south on U.S. 522, said Sgt. F.L. Tyler.

Hoover was taken to Winchester Medical Center with injuries from the crash. Further information on her condition was unavailable. As a Virginia Beach personal injury attorney I know that the older you are the harder it is to heal. I hope she is able to recover fully but depending on her injuries that may not be possible.


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A failure-to-yield accident such as this one can result in some serious injuries. Failure to yield accidents, while a very preventable type of accident, are quite common and are the second most frequent driving violation that results in fatality. While these types of accidents can be easily avoided by simply letting the traffic that has the right of way pass before attempting to make a turn, it seems that they are still a major problem.