Fairfax County Remembers Deadly Dump Truck Accident 20 Years Later | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Two decades later, some residents of Fairfax County continue to mourn the loss of four teenagers in a tragic Virginia truck accident that took place on June 18, 1992. A memorial decorated with crosses, flowers, and wreaths still marks the site where the deadly crash took place.

According to the Fairfax Times, the accident involved one car and two dump trucks. A mother, then-49-year-old Pam Hawver, was driving her daughter, as well as three other teens, east along VA 7 when they came to a red light. Hawver turned left against the red light onto Lewinsville Road, but crossed the path of an oncoming dump truck with the right-of-way. The dump truck slammed into the car and pushed it into another dump truck that was waiting for the light to turn.

Hawver, who could not be reached for comment twenty years after the crash, survived the crash, as did the two dump truck drivers. However, all four teens died in the accident: 15-year-old Robin Hawver, 15-year-old Kendra Kristinsen of Sterling, 15-year-old Jeremy Daly of Vienna, and 16-year-old Scott Sloan of Vienna. Only one other crash in Fairfax County has resulted in four deaths, a Shirley Highway accident that took place in the fall of 1986.

Hawver was charged with reckless driving in the wake of the fatal accident; the two truck drivers were both obeying the rules of the road and did not face charges.

The Virginia car accident attorneys at Shapiro & Appleton continue to keep the families and loved ones of all of those lost in their thoughts.