The Story: The safe driving group Center for Defensive Driving (CDD) has filed a class-action lawsuit against Ford claiming the auto manufacturer’s “infotainment system” poses a driving hazard for motorists. The CDD, which claims Ford is aware of the problem but is not taking action, claims that the system’s myriad problems pose a distraction risk for drivers on the road.

The infotainment system was designed to centralize air conditioning, mobile phone, safety, audio, navigation and entertainment features and controls through a touch-screen interface, as well as by voice control or steering wheel buttons. However, the system is reported to constantly freeze, to fail at basic car functions such as defrosting rear windows, and to significantly distract drivers from the road, posing a risk for motorists both in and out of the car as well as pedestrians. Ford has reported that 400 out of every 1,000 (or 40%) of its infotainment systems have been experiencing problems; the company has issued software updates to try and fix them, but the issues have apparently gone unresolved. 

On-board computer systems pose a novel new risk for motorists; like cell phones, they can take the attention of the driver away from the road, where it should be at all times, and focus it instead on an electronic device. In the case of Ford’s new infotainment system, the problem can be even worse: a malfunctioning system may distract drivers even more, creating substantially-more hazardous conditions for everyone on the road.

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