Many of us feel that aircraft travel is safe and secure after all there are more traffic accidents that result in fatalities than aircraft accidentsHowever, when an aircraft crash does occur it is often fatal and leaves the victim's loved ones wondering what their rights are since they are so rare.  

On Friday in rural western Virginia (VA) Federal aviation officials say a small aircraft collided with a medical helicopter in the air, killing two people on the plane.  The two people killed were aboard a Cessna 172 plane. Officials said the helicopter was damaged but landed safely with three people aboard.  It appeared the helicopter was attempting to land and the Cessna was taking off when they collided, reports The Virginian-Pilot

We're not sure what caused the collision but let us not forget that two people died in this tragic airplane accident. As an injury lawyer, and a licensed pilot, we must not forget the people in these legal battles.

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