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What happened:

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) has issued a list of the worst roads in Henderson County. The DOT estimates there is a wreck once every three hours in the county.  In 2011 alone, there were a total of 1962 crashes, with thirteen fatalities.  The recording period used to determine which roads were the most dangerous was Jan. 1, 2007 through Dec. 31, 2011.

The worst road on the DOT’s list is Interstate 26 from Upward Road to the Buncombe County line, which had 792 crashes. Next is the stretch of road from Four Seasons Boulevard, at exit 49, to exit 44. That area had 238 crashes recorded.

U.S. Highway 64, from Howard Gap Road to Fruitland Road, also made the DOT’s list. That one mile area had fifty-two wrecks during the four year recording period. The next area of the highway, from Cummings Road to Banner Farm Road, had thirty-two crashes, including one crash where three woman died.

The mile between Gilliam and Pace Roads had thirty wrecks, and the area from Orrs Camp Road to the I-26 “four-leaf clover” connector on Four Seasons Boulevard had twenty-nine.  Other areas cited were Chimney Rock Road from Laycock Road to Pressley Road in Edneyville, Howard Gap Road to Old Chimney Rock road, and Dawn Valley Drive and Townsend Road.

The DOT cited these roads as the top ten most dangerous intersections:

  • I-26 at Asheville Highway (U.S. 25), with 136 crashes recorded.
  • I-26 at Upward Road, 66 collisions.
  • Chimney Rock Road (U.S. 64) at Highland Square, 62 wrecks.
  • Spartanburg Highway (U.S. 176) at Upward Road, 59 collisions.
  • Haywood Road (N.C. 191) at Boylston Highway (N.C. 280), 54 collisions.
  • Four Seasons Boulevard (U.S. 64) at Linda Vista Drive, 49 wrecks.
  • Chimney Rock Road (U.S. 64) at Howard Gap Road with 45 crashes.
  • I-26 at Four Seasons Boulevard (U.S. 64) with 44 collisions.
  • Four Seasons Boulevard (U.S. 64) at Freeman Street, 43 wrecks.
  • Chimney Rock Road (U.S. 64) at Sugarloaf Road, 39 collisions.


The North Carolina Injury Lawyer Perspective:   

Our North Carolina law firm has covered many of the accidents that have occurred on these dangerous roads, many of them ending tragically. A chain reaction crash on Interstate 26 killed five people. Another fatal accident on U.S. Highway 64 killed one person and left five others injured.  We also covered another tragic wreck on U.S 6, a head-on collision that killed one person. And the list goes on and on.

Now that the DOT has identified the most dangerous roads in Henderson County, we hope they can use the information to help create a safer driving environment for all of us who travel these roads. Victims of crashes should always contact a North Carolina personal injury attorney to find out what compensation they may be entitled to for pain and loss.


Interstate 26, Henderson County, NC

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