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North Carolina Tractor-Trailer Crash Leads to Death and Damages

What Happened:

According to WNCT, officials from the Bertie County Sheriff’s Office have said that a terrible accident recently occurred involving two tractor-trailers and a car. The crash happened on Highway 11 right before Lewiston Woodville in the middle of the afternoon.

Police have said that a small passenger car carrying two people was driving north on Highway 11 with a semi-truck close behind them. As the car attempted to turn left, the semi hit the car, pushing the car into oncoming traffic, where it was then hit by a second semi, causing the passenger car to flip over and come to a rest on its top.

Both people in the car needed immediate medical treatment. The passenger was taken to the local hospital and was eventually pronounced dead, while the driver was airlifted to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, NC.

Though the accident is still under investigation, it is believed that the first tractor-trailer may be at fault.

The North Carolina Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

Though the cause of the crash has yet to be determined, it appears as though the first tractor-trailer driver may have not been paying attention or was moving too fast to avoid the collision, thus slamming into the car and setting off a terrible chain reaction. While it appears the first truck driver is to blame, the victims will have to wait and see what the final accident report reveals. In the meantime, the injured victims should consult with a North Carolina personal injury attorney to discuss what legal options may be available to them.

Helpful Info:

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