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One Death Reported in Virginia Beach Car Accident

What Happened

As reported by, a woman was killed while riding her motor scooter in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA). The crash occurred at the intersection of Drakesmile and Shipps Corner Road near the Oceana Naval Station. A Dodge Charger and a Kia collided in the middle of the intersection, and the Dodge proceeded to slam into the motor scooter, throwing the driver from her scooter and killing her.

According to the news report, the officers were still trying to determine in which direction the driver of the scooter was traveling, as well as what caused the two cars to crash, as of the date of this posting.

Here's a map showing where the accident occurred - the intersection of Drakesmile and Shipps Corner Road in Virginia Beach:

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The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Accidents involving motorcycles or scooters can be devastating and even fatal. The Code of Virginia stipulates that all motorcyclists and their passengers must wear protective gear including helmets while riding on a motorbike of any kind; nevertheless, serious injury and perhaps death can result from a crash involving motorcycles, as shown by the news report above.

If you or someone you know has suffered injuries due to a motorcycle accident, we suggest you contact one of our Virginia motorcycle accident attorneys; we have extensive experience with motorcycle crashes and injuries and their attendant problems and complications such as permanent disability and lost wages.

One of our cases involving a motorcyclist who lost his left leg in a crash resulted in a $450,000 settlement in favor of our client. The man and his young stepdaughter were driving down a Norfolk, Virginia road when a distracted driver plowed into them, severing the man’s left leg.

It was later revealed that our client had a Blood Alcohol Content (B.A.C.) of .05 a few hours after the crash. While many attorneys would have refused to take on a client who had potentially been drinking at the time of the accident, we knew the severity of the man’s injuries demanded a strong defense. We worked with numerous toxicologists in order to show that our client’s B.A.C. at the time of the crash was unverifiable given the extent and severity of the injuries he had suffered. After two years, we were able to present concrete evidence that showed our client’s B.A.C. could not be determined at the time of the crash, and that the driver of the car was evidently the one at fault. Our client was awarded a $450,000 settlement as a result.

Useful Resources

For more information on the legal rights available to you and your loved ones if you’re seriously injured in an accident, download our Motorcycle Accident Injury Guide. Also, take a moment to review our list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding car accident injuries and the legal claims process.


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