Making left turns are a common occurrence for most drivers. In fact, it is so common that we do not fully appreciate the inherent risk that comes with making a left turn at certain intersections. Take, for example, a recent car crash death in La Plata, Maryland (MD). A Lincoln Town Car made a left turn from U.S. Route 301 onto Route 234 when a truck, traveling from the opposite direction, slammed into the Town Car.

A passenger in the car, Sarah Ann Swann, died as a result of the wreck and the driver suffered serious injuries, according to  

As this accident illustrates, a left turn can have very serious consequences. There is a good chance the driver of the Town Car approached the left turn as most of us do – as a simple, routine driving exercise – and had no idea what would happen as a result.

Let this accident serve as a reminder of how important it is to be cautious and vigilant when making a left turn at any intersection. Always yield to oncoming traffic (this includes if you are at a green light), use your blinker to indicate you are making the turn and do not make a turn while you are distracted in any way.