A vehicle was speeding along Devon Lane in Harrisonburg, Virginia (VA) when the driver lost control, hit a transformer box and then hit a tree. The driver did not suffer any injuries, but one male passenger and two female passengers did suffer injuries.

Harrisonburg police suspect alcohol may have been a factor in the car crash.

One passenger was transported by helicopter to University of Virginia Medical Center while two were taken to Rockingham-Memorial Hospital, according to breezejmu.org.

The conditions of the injured passengers remain unknown at this time, but we hope that they are able to successfully pick up the pieces to their lives. Suffering a serious injury in a car crash can take months or even years to fully recover. Some injuries are so bad that a person never fully recovers. For example, some car wreck victims suffer permanent head injuries that can forever alter the person’s speech, memory, and motor skills.

The victims should consider speaking to an injury lawyer in Virginia to discuss their legal options. Our firm has written a consumer report focused on what victims should do after a serious car accident. To learn more, download the report here.  


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