Slip and Fall Victim at McDonalds Received $5.67 Million Jury Award | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

va slip and fall lawyersBeverly Munguia was enjoying a meal at a McDonalds when she went to get a beverage for her husband. That is when her nightmare began. Munguia slipped and fell on the floor suffering serious, life-altering injuries.  Management at the McDonalds did not follow safety rules for an extended period of time which caused a greasy film to form on the floor. On the day of the slip and fall accident, a “food contaminant” was spilled on top of the already dirty floor and not cleaned up, according to

Munguia Decided to File a Slip and Fall Claim

Munguia suffered a burst compression fracture of her vertebrae. As a result, she now suffers from chronic pain and a severe bend in her back.  Munguia decided to file a claim and the slip and fall case was taken all the way to trial. Fortunately, a jury realized this accident could have been prevented if the McDonalds was kept clean and followed safety rules. That is why they awarded Munguia $5.67 million. That money will go to cover Munguia’s $161,000 in already amassed medical bills and $2.1 million in future medical bills.

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Our Virginia Beach personal injury firm has handled slip and fall injury cases so we appreciate how difficult they can be to litigate. Munguia suffered her injury three years ago and she is just now receiving compensation. I am glad some form of justice was achieved.