Steel Factory Worker Injured In Hertford County, North Carolina Plant Explosion

One worker at a plant in Hertford County, North Carolina (N.C.) was injured with burns overnight, in what's being described as an explosion. The factory worker at the Nucor Steel Plant in the town of Cofield, North Carolina (N.C.) was burned in the industrial accident.

According to officials at the Nucor Steel Plant, the factory worker was sent to the hospital with serious burn injuries from the explosion. It is still unclear as to what exactly happened, but a security officer employed at the Steel plant believed the worker was operating a slag pot carrier when the explosion took place and the factory happened.

Gas, fire and explosion cases may result from numerous causes. Factory explosions may be caused by violations of applicable codes, standards or recommended safe practices; a defective product or combination of defective products; or minimal or no public or consumer information on their safe handling and use.

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