Swissmedic, which oversees medical devices and medicines in Switzerland, made a questionable decision to leave Yaz and Yasmin on the open market for consumers to purchase. These dangerous drugs may have contributed to the death of a young woman and another woman who is now disabled, according to World Radio Switzerland.

Yaz, Yasmin, drug, medication, birth control, lawyer, injury, side effectsSwissmedic stated the risk of thrombosis (i.e. blood clot) is higher with Yaz and Yasmin, but the risk remains, as they say “within reasonable limits.” I couldn’t disagree more. A woman in her 20s having her gallbladder removed after taking these dangerous drugs is not “reasonable.” A young woman suddenly suffering pancreatitis is not “reasonable.”

Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration (the American equivalent to Swissmedic) appears to be making a similar error. Even after a wave of lawsuits have been filed against Bayer, the manufacturer of Yaz and Yasmin, by victims who have suffered serious side effects, these birth control pills are still available to the general public.

I believe the longer these hazardous birth control pills remain available to women the more victims will be created who suffer terrible Yaz and Yasmin side effects. The FDA needs to strongly consider taking them off the market.  

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