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Tractor Trailer Causes Pile Up in Greensboro, (NC)

What Happened

Interstate 40 was shut down for hours due to an overturned semi truck that was carrying steel pipe.

The accident took place about 1/4 mile from the Freeman Mill Road exit near the Four Seasons Town Centre and entangled nine other vehicles. Steel pipes were spilled onto the highway that measured 30 to 40 feet long. One or two cars were believed to have made contact with the pipes and the other seven were collected amongst the chaos. Emergency personnel were required to cut and extricate a few victims from their vehicles. In total four people were taken to the hospital with personal injuries. Authorities do not yet know what caused the tractor trailer to overturn.

The North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

When a tractor trailer is involved in an accident the results are usually awful due to the sheer size of the trucks, but when a truck loses the load it’s carrying the results can become extremely devastating. It comes as a welcome surprise that no one died in this accident. Accidents due to shifting or improperly secured loads occur regularly but victims sometimes never find out. The lawyers that defend trucking companies are experts at covering up the truth and blaming extenuating circumstances. This makes settling claims difficult because they are very familiar with truck accident cases, they often know how to impede, frustrate, intimidate, or stress the injury victim into giving up their fight for rightful compensation. It is vital to speak with an experienced North Carolina (NC) personal injury attorney with a background in truck accidents. One who can analyze the evidence of the case and pinpoint whether or not an improper load could have contributed to the accident. In 2003 we represented a woman that was struck by a mack truck which caused two breaks in her leg. Our client had to undergo surgery and required surgical insertion of a steal rod, plate, and screws. Being familiar with truck accidents our firm hired an engineer with experience in vehicle dynamics to inspect the 18 wheeler and analyze its deficiencies, including bald, cracked and recapped tires. With our evidence this case proceeded through trial and the jury granted our client with appropriate restitution.

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