What Happened

A tractor-trailer operator reportedly caused a serious wreck on Interstate 81 (I-81) in Wytheville, Virginia (VA) resulting in the big rig overturning and crushing a pickup truck.

The driver of the pickup truck, William Persinger, a Covington, Virginia (VA) native, had to be taken to the Wythe County Community Hospital due to injuries.

The tractor-trailer operator is facing a litany of criminal charges as a result of this accident. These charges include reckless driving, failure to wear a seat belt, possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, possession of synthetic cannabinoids, and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to wvva.com.

Below is a map of I-81 in Wytheville, VA:

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The Virginia Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

This was a terrible accident that appears to have been caused by a reckless and irresponsible big rig operator. Mr. Persinger, the injured pickup truck driver, should consider speaking with a Virginia truck accident injury lawyer to discuss his legal options. Considering the big rig operator is facing numerous criminal charges, including reckless driving, Mr. Persinger probably has grounds to seek restitution for damages such as his medical expenses, any lost wages, and the pain and suffering associated with this wreck.

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