What Happened: According to a story published on washingtonpost.com, a plane crash in James City County near Williamsburg left both the pilot and a passenger dead. The plane, which was scheduled to land at a nearby local airport, came down in a county subdivision; state police reported that nobody on the ground was injured and the plane did not hit any buildings. Federal Aviation Administration officials were investigating the crash; the victims were from Nebraska and had a pet dog on board, which also died.

Here is the location of the accident:

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The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective: The lawyers at our Virginia personal injury law firm are familiar with how dangerous plane crashes can be. In fact, one of our personal injury attorneys is a licensed pilot and has written an article describing the ways in which airplane crashes can occur; you can read it here.

Airplane crashes can be devastating; unlike car accidents, it is highly unlikely that a pilot will suffer the equivalent of a “fender-bender” if their plane crashes. If you have been involved in a plane crash, you may have options for legal redress and compensation; you should speak to a personal injury attorney to find out. As well, the personal injury attorneys at our law firm have published a guide to the injury claims process involving airplane crashes; read it by following this link.

Potentially Helpful Info: Our VA personal injury lawyers have written an in-depth guide that explains the various aspects of airplane crashes, why they occur, and how to file a personal injury claim against at-fault owners and manufacturers of planes; click here to read it.

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