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Unrestrained Children Seriously Injured in York County, VA Car Crash

A 2-year-old and 7-year-old wound up hospitalized with serious injuries after their father ignored a stop signal while making a left-hand turn from Route 134/Hampton Highway onto York Road in York County, Virginia (VA), and hitting an SUV and pickup truck. WAVY-TV 10 reported that the toddler was ejected from the car as a result of the first collision. Neither child was restrained in a car seat or with a seat belt, according to Virginia State Police.

Toddler ejected, second child also injured in York, County, VA crash

The father who caused the accident now faces charges of running a red light, reckless driving and not restraining his children in his moving vehicle. It may take months following this February 2, 2012, multivehicle accident for those charges to result in any criminal punishment. It may take even longer for the irresponsible and negligent father's children to recover from their injuries.

As Virginia personal attorneys and parents, we can only hope for speedy healing and that everyone who learns of this wreck takes away three important lessons. First, no one should ignore red lights or stop signs. Failing to yield the right of way practically guarantees a crash will occur.

Second, anyone making a left-hand turn must take the time to ensure the lanes he or she must cross are free of approaching vehicles. Too often, left-hand turn accidents prove deadly.

Last, and most importantly, anyone responsible for transporting a young child has a legal responsibility and personal duty to ensure the young one in their care is secured in a size- and age-appropriate car seat. Virginia requires safety seats for infants and toddlers and booster seats until the age of 8.

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