The lives of a young mother, Sandra Amaya (Virginian Pilot) and her 12-year old daughter were recently ripped away from them in a fatal car accident on Interstate 64 near Indian River Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA).  The reason for this terrible car accident?  A driver who is now charged with DUI and driving with a suspended license, his 3rd offense, lost control of his truck, crossed the grassy median and slammed head on into their car.



This preventable accident is a terrible example of the pain and devastation that DUI drivers cause to innocent victims on a daily basis.  Every 33 minutes someone in this country dies in an alcohol-related crash.  Women, children, brothers and mothers are all part of this statistics and if you think your loved ones are exempt, you are wrong.  A DUI driver can kill an innocent victim any day of the week, any hour of the day and come across a median before the victim can even react. 

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Our firm, Shapiro & Appleton does not represent the drunk drivers, we regularly sue them.  Our focus is solely on aiding the victims and their families recover.  But how can the family of these two victim’s recover?  The driver was driving on a suspended license and most likely had no car insurance.  Fortunately in Virginia a typical car insurance policy provides that if you are in a car accident and suffer personal injuries caused by any driver with no car insurance, or inadequate insurance, your own car insurance will provide coverage to protect you. This works in a strange way:  your car insurance company provides a legal defense to uninsured/underinsured driver, and must pay up to the total uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance coverage the policy provides. 

Money is a sad and paltry exchange for the life of a loved one, the opportunity to see them laugh and smile, countless experiences and opportunities that will now never happen.  However it can ease financial burdens and provide for those that are left behind.  It also punishes those who are at fault financially and holds them accountable for the terrible act they have committed.