Sometimes a car accident is so catastrophic that even seasoned accident investigators have trouble piecing the events that led up to the accident together. This was the case in Morgan, Pennsylvania (PA), where a two car accident took the lives of both drivers. Police know that one of the women crossed over the median and became a wrong-way driver. That driver then hit the other head-on in a crash so violent that now investigators can’t tell which vehicle was in the correct lane.

I can’t imagine how hard this is for the families right now. Not only have they lost loved ones, but they are left wondering how and why their loved one was killed.

As a Virginia (VA) wrongful death attorney, I know that in cases like this, the crash scene evidence will be the key for the family to recover. Also, as experienced Virginia personal injury attorneys, my colleagues and I know that evidence at a crash scene can make or break a case. We collect and present evidence from the scene of an accident to strengthen cases. There are also times when even more information is needed.  If this family or anyone hurt in a car accident has questions I would recommend reading our free consumer guide Best Guide to Car Accident Injuries in Virginia (VA).