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Virginia Beach, VA Driver Charged in Fatal Car Crash

Six people were injured in a car accident and a child was killed when the SUV they were riding in overturned and crashed in North Carolina. The driver of the SUV was a Virginia Beach, VA, woman who had previously had both her NC and VA driver licenses suspended. With a driving record like that, why in the world was she behind the wheel?  Whatever the reason, she is now facing charges of misdemeanor death-by-vehicle.

Anyone found driving with a revoked license in North Carolina is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. Upon conviction, the person's license shall be revoked for an additional period of one year for the first offense, two years for the second offense, and permanently for a third or subsequent offense.

north carollina car accidentAs a father and North Carolina personal injury attorney I'm deeply saddened by the loss of this young boy's life. He was ejected from the vehicle during the accident, it's not known yet whether he was wearing a seat belt, but with that many people in one car, the chances are he was not.

The other six passengers are injured but their conditions are unknown, however after viewing the pictures from this violent wreck I'm sure they will have permanent injuries such as back and neck pain.  The human body was just not made to be tossed around in a piece of metal like that.  

Passengers who are injured in Virginia and North Carolina car accidents may not know that a decision may need to be made about filing a personal injury claim against the driver, if the driver was a friend they may feel uncomfortable. However, if they face large medical bills and a protracted rehabilitation period, then it may be in their best interest to strongly consider filing an injury claim.

As for the parents of the child, again our thoughts go out to them or anyone who loses a child as we know they suffer such emotional pain, but as experienced car accident wrongful death attorneys based in Virginia Beach, we stand ready to help any family whose child dies in a crash in which another driver is at fault. We will do everything we can through the legal system to make sure the at-fault driver or company pays for causing your child's death.

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