Why I Love Being a Personal Injury Lawyer | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

I love my job!  I have been doing plaintiff-side personal injury law, mainly automobile accident cases, for over 20 years and I still enjoy coming to work each day.  Not everyone gets to say that and enjoy that feeling about what they do for a living.

One of the reasons I like what I do is that I’m helping people who are in a very difficult situation.  Most people who get seriously hurt in a car accident have never suffered such an unfortunate incidence before.  They are confused about what their rights are and they need good professional advice.  I am glad to help folks get through this crisis.

The other key about why I like my job is that I’m working for individuals, families, and consumers, rather than working for insurance companies, big business, and reckless drivers who have harmed somebody through their mistake.  I strive to wear the “white hat,” like the good guy like in the old western movies.  I would much rather be helping people get compensation for their injury than trying to fight against them on behalf of corporate interests to try to deny fair compensation.

Finally, I know that I am a highly ethical lawyer and a competent injury law attorney.  I value my reputation and clean record of doing this job properly for a long time.  With my experience comes hard earned wisdom that I can use on behalf of my clients.  Although we can’t ethically say that we are the best lawyers and compare ourselves to others without proof, the attorneys at our firm feel the case results that we have achieved for clients speak volumes for our firm.  We have received high honors and recognition by our peers in the legal community.  For example, I have an AV rating through Martindale Hubble which is an attorney rating service.  The AV means that I have a reputation for being highly ethical and having competence that is rated by others as very high to preeminent.  I want people, particularly prospective clients, to know this information so they have at least the option of choosing to hire me rather than someone else who may not have the same type of credentials.