Our client was the driver of a car that got rear-ended at a stop light late one evening in Portsmouth, Virginia (VA).  The collision was quite serious and aggravated our client’s debilitating neuromuscular disease.  Treatment for the condition involved regular pain management care prior, and subsequent to, the car accident. 

Our client was seen in a local ER following the accident and referred to a local orthopedist for follow-up care that consisted of physical therapy and lumbar injections.  The orthopedist was able to differentiate the injuries our client suffered from the collision and the symptoms related to their pre-existing neuromuscular condition. Our client had to undergo months of continuous medical care to get back to her pre‑accident medical baseline.  

Settlement Negotiations Proved Unsuccessful

Our team of Portsmouth car accident attorneys were unable to resolve the claim with the insurance adjuster. As a result, we filed suit in Portsmouth Circuit Court. Prior to trial, the other driver that caused the auto accident admitted negligence and the case was tried solely on whether our client suffered an identifiable injury in the wreck.

Taking the Case All the Way

Our Portsmouth personal injury law firm takes pride in the fact that we are comprised of seasoned trial attorneys. That means we are not afraid to take a case, no matter the amount at issue, all the way to trial.

When the day of trial arrived, we presented our evidence, which consisted of the testimony of our client, a friend, and her treating orthopedist.  The defense hired a doctor who reviewed our client’s medical records and testified at trial our client suffered a mild soft tissue injury in the collision and should have fully recovered within 4 to 8 weeks.  The defense doctor also characterized the majority of the care provided by the treating orthopedist as “unnecessary.”

Jury Finds in Favor of Client

The jury found our evidence more compelling and persuasive. As a result, they accepted the testimony of our client and physician returning a verdict for $40,000.00 in our favor after a day and a half of trial.