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YAZ Birth Control and Gall Stone Lawsuits

This article is designed to give additional information and the latest news for women who have suffered from gallstones and Yaz birth control. This highly marketed and often-prescribed hormonal contraceptive is promoted for relieving symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and premenstrual syndrome (PMS), as well as for preventing pregnancy. Bayer makes Yaz. Each tablet…

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Food and Drug Administration Says the Herbal Supplement Hydroxycut Causes Liver Damage

The FDA issued a strong warning to consumers using the dietary supplement Hydroxycut. This warning comes after at least one death related to the supplement was reported. The Food and Drug Administration has been unable to determine which specific ingredient is causing the liver damage as several Hydrocut products contain overlapping ingredients and herbal supplements….

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Ignoring a Recent Government–Backed Study the FDA Still Wants To Keep Your Kids On Ritalin

My law partner Jim Lewis wrote an article on the Northeast North Carolina InjuryBoard blog about a controversial stance made by the FDA in regards to attention deficit disorder drugs like Ritalin. To read the full article about why the FDA still encourages your children to take these drugs despite a recent government sponsored research…

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