My doctor recently diagnosed me with cancer, and I believe that it is related to on the job exposures I had when working for a railroad. I told my doctor I was exposed to various toxic substances, but he hasn't definitely said it's related to the railroad. Do I have a possible FELA claim? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

It depends on whether a qualified medical professional can review your medical situation and come to the opinion that the cause of your cancer was, at least in part, the exposures you suffered while you were a railroad employee.

Examples of toxic and hazardous substances railroads transport use in their equipment that can cause illness among workers include asbestos, diesel fuel (particularly the exhaust fumes), benzene and chlorine gas. If you came into contact with or breathed in any of these substances and are now suffering health problems, call one of our attorneys who has decades of experience in Federal Employers’ Liability Act law. We cannot take every case, but we do provide free consultations.

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