Michael Jackson’s Physician’s Potential Liability for Prescribing Controlled Substances per the California State Board of Medicine

Michael Jackson’s name is filling the headlines every day as people are not only mourning the great performer, but are interested in the cause of his death.  One of the things police are clearly investigating is whether there was any wrongdoing by one of his personal physicians.  Since Michael Jackson was in California, the issue…

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Elizabeth City Police Take 30 Drug Traffickers off the Street with Tactical Crime Sweep “Operation Spring Bling”

My colleague, Emily Mapp Brannon, wrote an article on the Northeast North Carolina InjuryBoard blog about a recent crime sweep called “Operation Bling” that Elizabeth City Police orchestrated with assistance from Federal Agents. To read the full article about this highly successful sweep that took 30 drug traffickers off the streets, please click here. About…

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