The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is looking to transition from airplane accident analysis to airplane accident prevention. The NTSB wants to expand to analyze and combat developing safety threats. For example, rather than focusing on the contributing factors of an airplane crash, board officials would put a much higher priority on collecting and studying industry-wide data about what prompted recent dangerous incidents.

Such data may include temporary loss of control by pilots, automation glitches, pilot errors during descent or landing, and cockpit or traffic-controller errors that put a pair of speeding jets too close together, according to The Wall Street Journal. This type of analysis could enable the NTSB to recommend preemptive actions that could decrease the risk of a potential plane crash before it ever happens.

I applaud the NTSB for taking this initiative. The more well-researched data that is available to indicate how people can avoid airplane accidents is extremely important. As a licensed pilot, I want to be fully informed and aware of ways I can help reduce the chances of a mid-air malfunction or operation error.

For further information about the risks associated with airplanes and what to do if you are involved in a plane crash, check out this free consumer report.