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Tour Bus Accident Kills Driver and Injures Passengers in Pennsylvania

It's hard to believe, but yet another tour bus has crashed killing and injuring its passengers. This time, the bus was carrying tourists on the way to New York (NY) when it slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer on I-80, the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  

The passengers involved in this crash are Asian tourists. As a Virginia personal injury attorney who has traveled to Asia, I can appreciate how the language barrier will affect these victims and my thoughts go out to all those who had loved ones killed or injured in this accident. I hope that the insurance companies don't try to take advantage of these victims, as many of the legalities could be lost in translation.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was also injured in this bus accident. He sustained moderate injuries that can be very hard to overcome for a professional driver.

Most people feel safer on a bus than in a car, but that is just not the case. Cars offer more protection because of seat belts and airbags. Some busses don't even have seat belts.

Since Februarbus accidenty 2011, many high-profile bus crashes have caused fatalities across the country, including one in Virginia involving a Sky Express bus. So what is going on? This crash, like several of the others, was caused by a fatigued driver. Essentially, many families are shattered, lives lost and passengers injured permanently because drivers failed to adhere to safety rules.

I hope the judge throws the book at these tour companies that consistently keep fatigued drivers on the road despite the repeated warnings and fines. Drowsy driving or fatigued driving causes an estimated 100,000 accidents on America's roads and highways every year 


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