Gas Grill Safety Alert: Serious Burn Injuries

It is summer time, the sun is hot, the pool is cool and the smell of burgers on the grill is in the air.  There may also be a ticking time bomb in your back yard that could go off any minute and seriously injure you and your family.  What is this hidden danger?  The answer is gas grills.  There are 7,000 gas grill fires every year, according to the National Fire Prevention Association, many from leaking propane.  The danger doesn’t stop there, earlier this month, a taco truck in Philadelphia blew to pieces. Twelve people were injured, five of them critically. Investigators say a leak in the propane tank was to blame.  Many people have barbecue grills in the backyard. Could this happen at your home? 


It could, and the most common mistake people make when grilling is turning on the gas with the cover down.  When the igniter is pushed an explosion can occur from a buildup of gas. 

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You can protect yourself and loved ones from serious burn injuries by following these safety tips:

  • Turn the gas on and light it right away. Don't wait for gas to build up. Also, don’t lean over the top of the grill when you light it, you risk facial burns or worse.

  • Another tip is the soapy water test: Spray all your hoses and connections with soapy water. If you see the soapy water bubbling, that means you have a gas leak there.

  • If you keep hitting the igniter switch and the grill doesn't light right away, don't keep hitting it: Shut off the gas completely then wait three to five minutes before trying to light it again. If gas has built up, that'll give it time to dissipate.

  • Keep your grill at least three feet away from your house: That way, if there is a fire, it doesn't spread.

If you are burned by a gas grill at a commercial location or at someone else’s home you may be able to file a personal injury claim.  Our experienced Virginia personal injury lawyers know just how devastating a burn injury can be.  The burn injury victim may recover lost earnings, medical costs, loss of companionship, and emotional distress. Our VA personal injury attorney evaluates what causes a burn injury to hold the responsible parties accountable to a burn injury victim.


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