A head-on collision in northwest Washington D.C. has killed two people, reports police.  The accident occurred on Canal Road near Clark Place early Friday morning.  The at-fault driver lost control of his Jaguar. The vehicle slid across the road and into oncoming traffic, police said.

The Jaguar collided with a 2007 Ford pickup and both the passenger and the driver were pronounced dead at the scene.   My thoughts go out to the family of the driver and the passenger as well as the driver of the truck who was injured.  I’m sure the driver didn’t intend for this to happen and any sudden loss is always hard for families to take.

We are not yet sure why the driver lost control of his vehicle but, serious injuries can arise from all types of accidents.  These include:

As for the family of the passenger who passed away, many people don’t know that when a loved one riding in a vehicle is killed due to the negligence and/or irresponsibility of the driver, the family of the loved one could have grounds for a wrongful death claim. Families sometimes decide not to file a claim.  This is a mistake because the claim is made against the negligent driver’s insurance policy, even if the driver has passed away.  I hope all the families involved find closure.