High School Teen Badly Injured In Drunken Driving Crash | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Teen accidents are very common today and the rates are rising daily for teenagers and drunk driving. A teenager was recently very injured in a drunken driving accident in which she was a passenger. The driver, Carter Womick, was charged with driving under the influence and illegal possession of alcohol, according to the WVEC article.

The students who rode in the car with alleged drunk driver, Carter Womick, likely did not know that the ride could lead her to be struggling for her life. One major factor that could have helped Meaghan in her accident was wearing a seat belt. The article stated that neither young person was wearing a seat belt. However whether a person is wearing a seat belt is not admissible in a Virginia (VA) civil court case for personal injuries.

It is not easy to cope with a child being injured, as the victim’s father states, “I would do anything to be in her place.” This statement by a parent is particularly moving as Father’s Day has just passed. As Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers we protect the people who are victims of drunk driving, but we hope you never need to call us.