Pedestrian Killed on Highway 1 in Aberdeen, NC | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A 55-year-old pedestrian died after being struck by an SUV while crossing U.S. Highway 1/N. hills Boulevard in Aberdeen, North Carolina (NC), on the evening of December 12, 2016. The deadly crash happened at the intersection with Magnolia Drive just a little before 6:30 pm.



All four corners of the intersection where the pedestrian was hit and killed are controlled by stoplights. A person who started walking across the highway when he had a green light in his direction would have right of way, but the victim of this crash in Moore County may not have been able to reach the opposite corner in time to beat a light change. In such a situation, drivers generally have a duty to let the pedestrian clear the intersection before moving forward.

Witnesses told police that they did not see the man with the walker until after the SUV struck him. Failing to look for a person on foot could explain why this tragedy happened, but it may not stand up as an excuse that allows the person behind the wheel of the vehicle involved in the wreck to avoid settling wrongful death insurance claims. Even if no criminal charges or citations for violating traffic regulations are issued, civil liability for compensating the family of the pedestrian who lost his life may remain. Speaking with an experienced and empathetic Carolina personal injury and wrongful death attorney will help the grieving family understand and exercise their rights.