Will my new personal injury lawyer come to see me at my house or the hospital if I am not able to get to his office to hire him for my injury case? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Yes. Almost all personal injury lawyers who regularly handle car, motorcycle, and truck accident cases will be happy to come visit you in your home or at the hospital to get the paperwork started for them to represent you in the case. If you are hospitalized this is typically the only way possible to meet with your attorney in the important early days before the evidence trail starts to get cold. At our firm, we also understand that if the family car has been made inoperable because of the car wreck that it may be a burden for the injured person to get to our offices in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA). Our attorneys are always ready to meet with you however is most convenient for you, our prospective client. Our job is to provide the best service we can to people seriously hurt by the negligence of others.