North Carolina Defective Product Injury Attorney

North Carolina Defective Product Injury Lawyer

You’re probably here because you or a loved one was seriously hurt by a prescription drug or medical device in Elizabeth City, Raleigh, Charlotte, or another area of North Carolina. We are here to help. This page is meant as a resource for you and was developed by experienced product defect injury attorneys

Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Our Team of NC Product Defect Injury Attorneys

What Makes Our Personal Injury Law Firm Different

Have you ever felt like just a number at a law firm?  Maybe even like you’re part of a cattle call?  You won’t feel like that with our firm.  Most big firms have paralegals that handle the bulk of the work involved in an MDL (multi-district litigation), Class Action, or product liability case.

This is what makes our firm different – you will have an actual lawyer fighting for you and someone who you can contact when you have questions or concerns.

We have worked very hard at building our reputation and pride ourselves on it. Also, our firm does not operate like most firms. With us, you will be treated like a person.  We will know your name.  We will know what happened to you.  We will tell you what is going on with your case whenever you want to know.

Litigation can be scary.  There is a reason why certain people do well as lawyers and certain people would rather not ever see the inside of a courtroom, much less address a jury.  Every lawyer here enjoys a courtroom.  We are not afraid of a fight and trust the jury system.

We may not advertise on TV, but that is a choice we made consciously. We’re not focused on fancy commercials with explosions and paid celebratory endorsements. Our work speaks for itself – check our case results and our lawyer achievements.  If you want to be represented by someone who knows you and someone who cares, call us.  You won’t be disappointed. Speak to a personal injury lawyer in Virginia Beach or surrounding areas today.