In Matthews, North Carolina (NC) CSX train speeds will be increased. On July 15, 2007 it will increase from 30 to 40 mph and then again on July 22, 2007 to 49 mpg. CSX states that the higher speeds will increase the efficiency of train operations, reduce the waiting time for motorists, and shouldn’t increase the danger. CSX says that the public will probably not notice a difference since there will still be a standard 22 second warning light. Matthews, North Carolina (NC) has railroad crossings on Campus Ridge, Tank Town, and Crestdale roads.Here are a few tips to follow while at railroad crossings, offered by CSX: Never try to beat a train because it takes up to a mile for a train to stop after the emergency brake is applied. Always expect a train at the crossing and look in both directions to see if a train is going by.Our law firm specializes in suing the major railroads, like CSX, Norfolk Southern, and Amtrak, so we watch what they do closely. Railroad crossings accidents are fairly common and it is the occupant of the motor vehicle who is likely to be killed or seriously injured in one of these wrecks. Be careful as railroad companies often see claims for death or injury at crossings as just a cost of doing business.