Organ donation is a silver lining in dark cloud of motorist’s death | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

According to published reports in the Virginian Pilot, a Portsmouth, Virginia (VA) man received a cornea organ donation from one of the teenagers killed in a recent Virginia Beach drunk driving accident. When two teenage girls were killed in a rear end accident by a drunk driver, the entire Hampton Roads community was shocked and saddened. Although nothing can take the pain away of the loss that these two families suffered in this senseless auto accident, the fact that a young woman had helped another person through this tragedy by her organ donation is heart warming. The transplant surgery on the man’s eye appears to have been successful. The young woman whose wrongful death was mourned by the whole community in Hampton Roads, Virginia (VA) has served as an example to others. Although I have some hesitation, I have signed my organ donation card as indicated on the back of my Virginia (VA) driver’s license.

As a personal injury lawyer in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA) who hears a lot about the tragedy and loss that can come from car wrecks, I am reminded by this story about the blessing that people can be to help others in this way. There is shortage of donated organs in the U.S. I hope everyone will consider this act of charity which can save lives and improve the quality of life for other people.

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